Soulforge Paladin - World of Warcraft Fanart

Thanks for taking a look at my Warcraft fanart!
I decided to do a re-imagining of an old vanilla WoW armor set, the Paladin Dungeon Set 2.

Huge fan of the Paladin Class, and it has been too long since I have done any hand-painted texturing. I'm always inspired by the amazing artists at Blizzard, so I wanted to attempt something in a similar vein.

Mason rhoades wallpaper03
Mason rhoades posesheet01
Mason rhoades textures accessories01

1024x1024 Textures

First time in a while doing a custom rig. Be sure to take a look at the animations!

Mason rhoades sf progress

Progress from my *very* rough base in zbrush to what I used to bake my starting AO maps